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dog supplies: collars

importance of dog collars:

dog collars are among the most important dog supplies you will ever need. it's one of the first things you need to buy for your dog.

collars are necessary for identification, training, and security. make sure that your dog's collar is used with an attached leash and a tag which is engraved with your dog's name and your contact number (in case your dog gets lost and found by someone). these will ensure that your dog is always kept secure, safe, under control, and returned to its owner.

Lost Dog with Dog Collar
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dog tips: tips on buying dog collars:

you should consider the material when buying a dog collar. if your dog is big, you may need to buy a more durable kind of collar. you can buy collars with metal buckles and ones made of durable leather. (rolled leather collars also cause less fur loss or hair parting). if your dog is too small then his neck may easily get hurt by a collar; buy a him a harness instead.

to size your dog’s collar for a secure yet comfortable fit, give two finger inches allowance in between your dog’s neck and the collar.

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