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dog health and safety: first aid kit for dogs
Dog First Aid Kit
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in case of emergency, refer to this dog first aid kit list:

  1. to be able to know when your dog might be ill, always have a digital rectal thermometer ready in your dog's first aid kit. the normal temperature for dogs is 101-102 degrees F (37.9 - 39.9 degrees C). any reading higher than this indicates that your dog is sick. 
  2. you should also have hydrogen peroxide in your dog's kit in case of dog poisoning. use this to induce vomiting within 29 minutes of ingesting poisonous substance. use 2 tablespoons per 60 pounds of dog weight. follow this up by giving your dog activated charcoal. 
  3. also prepare a (purified) water-diluted iodine for disinfecting wounds
  4. you should also have cotton balls, sterilized gauze bandage, and blunt-nosed scissor for trimming your dog's fur before applying bandage, as well as tweezers for removing splinters.
  5. finally, your veterinarian's phone number. once you know you can't handle your dog's emergency, call your dog's vet immediately. 

remember that emergencies can happen any time, so better be prepared at all times. 

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