how to start training your new puppy

dog training: how to start training your new puppy
New Puppy Training
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the best time to train dogs is early when they're still puppies. among the first things you need to do in preparation of your puppy's training is to set order and structure. have a permanent place where your dog will sleep, eat and drink, as well as pee or go potty. his sleeping area should be something where your puppy will feel safe, secured, and comfortable. avoid sending him to his crate or bed as a form of punishment when he's being naughty. his sleeping quarters should always be a warm and welcoming den suitable for sleeping. neither should you leave your puppy in his space for very long periods of time, lest he will feel abandoned. remember that dogs are social animals so they need company once in a while. 

next is to create routine or regularity. you can do this by being consistent with the times you let your puppy eat (feed your puppy two to three times a day - morning, noon, and evening), and with the times you take him out to pee or go potty (every after 1-3 hours, which includes after waking in the morning, after naps, after eating, after play or training, and right before he sleeps at night.) repetition helps a lot in helping your puppy recognize and learn your house rules. 

you can use words to help make your puppy get familiarized with his activities. you can speak out "bed time" or "toilet time" whenever he's in his bed or out to pee or go potty. give him lots of praise whenever he goes to his bed or crate or after peeing or going potty at the right place. praise and rewards are the best reinforcer of good behavior. if you let your puppy know he's doing the right thing through your praises or rewards, then he will be more likely to repeat the good behavior. 

no matter what happens, do not hit, kick, or shout at your puppy. remember that you should develop a relationship filled with love and trust between you and your puppy. this would be the foundation of your future training successes with your puppy. 

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