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dog facts: exercising your dog

dogs roaming free is indeed a wonderful sight. but did you know that there's more to letting your dogs roam free? letting your dog(s) run and play outdoors has a lot of benefits.

Running Dogs
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benefits of exercising your dog:
running and playing are great ways for dogs to exercise. it develops their muscles and is good for their cardio-respiratory health. it also provides them enough mental stimulation especially for dogs that are under dog training

additionally, letting your dog play outdoors improves their sociability. dogs having enough playtime prevents dog aggression by letting them use up all their pent up energy in a positive way.

not only is exercising your dog good for their health; it also promotes good behavior in them, plus, it's fun!

dogs' daily exercise requirements:

most grown-up dogs generally can get the most out of a daily 40-minute moderate exercise. you can enjoy brisk walking with your dog while teaching him how to heel. then, supplement it with a fun game of fetch, which could double as a reward for your dog's participation. 

different dog breeds and their exercise requirements:

you should remember though that some dog breeds are more high-energy hence they need more exercise. other dogs on the other hand should not be over-exercised because they are more genetically at risk of developing skeletal and joint problems. thus, your should do your research first about your particular dog's needs, or, talk to your vet about about your dog's daily exercise requirements. 

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