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dog tips: traveling with your dog (safely)

traveling safely with your dog is very important. whether on a plane or in the car, you have to take extra measures to keep both him and you safe (and comfortable) while traveling. here are some safe travel tips you can apply:
Travel Safety Harness
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  • make sure that your dog is safe while traveling by keeping him in a crate, or strapping a travel safety harness on him.
  • also keep your safety in mind while traveling with your pet. don't allow yourself to be distracted by your dog while driving. as much as possible keep your dog on the back seat. and if he should seat on the passenger seat, refrain from petting him, playing with him, or giving him food or water while driving.
  • keep your dog from hanging his head out of the car window (no matter how much he likes it). flying insects or debris might hurt and damage his eyes. 

traveling comfortably:
  • don't feed your dog for at least two hours before leaving. this will minimize the risk of upsetting his stomach while traveling. 
  • if your dog is showing any signs of travel sickness like panting, drooling, retching, licking his lips, trembling or restlessness, then try to reassure him by talking to him calmly and giving him his favorite toy. 
  • also pack a supply of your dog's regular food and water from home. this will prevent you dog from refusing to eat or drink because the food or water tastes different. 
  • have a stop over every two hours (if traveling with your dog on the road) so your dog can go toileting, eat, or at least drink.
  • help your dog get used to long travel by taking him on a few short trips first. 
  • make your dog's travel experience a pleasant and comfortable one. keep the car well ventilated. 
  • lastly, keep the atmosphere happy. enjoy your trip!

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