dog breeds: the german shepherd dog

dog breeds: the german shepherd dog aka GSD or alsatian

German Shepherd
Image credit: Wikimedia Commons
german shepherds are among the most popular large breed dogs in the canine world. they are one of the most registered dogs, perhaps because they are the most versatile working breeds ever known.

the german shepherd dog or GSD for short, was originally developed as working dogs or specifically herding dogs with the purpose of assisting humans in moving livestock. however because of their brave, athletic, and intelligent nature, german shepherds are also known as the "ideal service dogs," popular K9 dogs, often given obedience training in order to become "deputy dogs" for the police and military.

the german shepherd, or the alsatian, was also among the "dogs of war" serving in the World Wars under the motto of "utility and intelligence." these dogs are definitely fearless. aside from that they are also all-weather dogs that can adapt to any living condition. you can house them in an apartment, as long as you provide them with regular exercise.

their double layer coat has a dense undercoat making them the perfect all-weather dogs. they have long muzzles that are great for tracking. they have bushy slightly curved tails, similar to the wolves. they are also born with floppy ears like the wolves, but grow up into adults with pointed alert ears.

the german shepherd is known for its fierce bite, with a bite force that is second to the rottweiler. and although the number one biter dog, the GSD has the discipline to stop attacking when told.

with early dog training, these dogs make as great family pets - always eager to please, easy to encourage, and very loyal. they are very protective of their family owners or their "pack" against outsiders.

the only cons with german shepherds are that they shed heavily and are prone to hip dysplasia.

whether in solid black, standard black and tan, or pure white, the german shepherd always has the handsome noble good looks typical of "the original canine movie star."

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