puppy development: 3 months (12 weeks) old

dog facts: puppy development: 3 months (12 weeks)

dog chasing tail
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  • puppies 3 months old often engage in dog chase. during stage, they love to chase other animals, toys or other objects thrown at them. you'll also notice them chasing their tail often.
  • at 3 months or 12 weeks, a puppy's brain mass is already completely by about 90 percent. they can now recognize their own name - if not then you can train or teach your dog his name.
  •  it's expected that at three months old, you should begin talking to your veterinarian about giving your puppy his anti-rabies vaccination. during this stage it's best to update you puppy's dog vaccination. puppies starting three months old can now be administered vaccine for anti rabies or shots against the rabies virus.
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