list of dangerous foods for dogs

dog health: list of dangerous foods for dogs
Dangerous Foods for Dogs
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  1. chocolates. large doses of chocolates are toxic and lethal to dogs (and cats). chocolates have a chemical stimulants called theobromine which can't be metabolized by dogs effectively, hence poisonous for their health. it causes severe diarrhea, internal bleeding, epileptic seizure, hallucinations, fast heart rate, heart attack, and eventually death. 
  2. candy, chewing gum, chewable vitamins, or toothpaste that have xylitol. these could be really toxic to dogs and could possibly lead to serious liver damage which is fatal to dogs.
  3. macadamia nuts. this particular type of nuts cause abdominal pain, stiffness, tremors, and hyperthermia (extremely high body temperature leading to disability and also death.)
  4. grapes and raisins. grapes and raisins cause high toxicity in dogs which leads to anuria (deficiency in urine production) and acute renal / kidney failure. early symptoms are vomiting and diarrhea.
  5. onions and garlic. onions have thiosulfate which is bad for dogs (and cats). this substance causes hemolytic anemia or anemia caused by a failure of red blood cells (hemolysis). garlic also has thiosulfate and often cause diarrhea and vomiting to dogs.
  6. green tomatoes. green tomatoes have tomatine that is just as harmful to dogs as the toxic tomato plants itself. ripened red tomatoes are safe since it has already lost its tomatine. 
  7. pits or seeds of apples, apricots, or peaches. once these pits or seeds are chewed, cyanide will be released and would lead to (cyanide) poisoning.
  8. beer. beer has hops or the type of plant ingredient that cause malignant hyperthermia which is a deadly reaction to dogs. among the symptoms include increased temperature, breathing rate, and heart rate.
  9. salmon. some dogs could be allergic to salmon, just like some humans have fatal allergies to seafoods.
  10. chicken or fish bones. chicken or fish bones are not poisonous to dogs. on the other hand, eating broken sharp chicken or fish bones may cause dogs to injure their digestive system especially their intestines, leading to internal bleeding which is life-threatening. 
so those are the 10 most dangerous foods for dogs. don't feed the above mentioned foods to your dogs. keep them away at all times. dogs eating those foods would cause them serious illness and eventually death.

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