doggie Q&A: dog biting

dog Q&A: dog biting / training your dog to stop biting

question from meku meku:

i need a great lotta tips . first its about my dog. how to get it to stop biting my ankles all the time?


@ meku meku. thanks for your comment. dogs biting ankles mean they are being playful. dogs in their first 3 months usually engage in "bite playing" (or "play biting") this is very normal. (dogs also bite or chew more during their teething period.) you can train your dog to stop biting by giving your dog a proper toy to bite or chew on. distract your dog with a chew toy whenever he tries to bite you. make sure to reward him with a treat every time he bites his chew toy or chew bone instead of you or your ankle. if this doesn't work, then also try turning your back or going away every time he bites you. don't reward or tolerate your dog every time he bites. hope this helps!

~ Pals Furr Us
Dog Biting
Image Credit: Dog Training Finder

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