doggie information: dogs and dog breeds

basic dog information: dogs and dog breeds:

origin of the word dog

the term "dog" comes from the Middle English word "dogge" which originated from the Old English "docga" meaning "powerful dog breed".

another word that was used to refer to dogs in the 14th century England is the word "hound". however, hound became such a popular dog type that refer only to hunting dogs, so the word hound was eventually used only for these types of hunting dogs; and then, the word dog started to become used as the general term for all types of dogs.

thus, the word dog refers to all canines or all dog breeds, but then, there are lots of different dog breeds! these different breeds vary in physical traits, behavior, and personality.

their height ranges from very small to really large. their colors vary from white to gray to black or from tan to red to chocolate (also comes in different patterns). and their coats also differ in length and in texture. some dogs have short hair, and some have long hair. it can be coarse or fleecy, straight, smooth, or curly. some dogs shed their fur, while some continuously grow their hair. even their eye colors also vary!

some dogs live as simple companions, while some as show dogs or competition dogs. some are sporting dogs or working dogs. some dogs are great family pets, while some are best used as guide dogs. there are even dogs that excel as guard dogs, or even as attack dogs!

really, the variety of dogs makes them such interesting specimens. while humans have different races, dogs come in different breeds. really interesting!

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