helping your puppy adjust to his new home

dog care: helping your puppy adjust to his new home
New Puppy, New Home
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it could be really stressful for a new puppy to adjust to a new home. here are some tips to help your dog adjust to his new surroundings.

introducing your new dog to your other pets

for the mean time you should confine your other pets temporarily. you can let them see your new puppy, but don't let them anywhere near your new pet yet. current pets have the tendency to be jealous or hostile towards or defensive against newcomers. allow some time till they get used to each other's presence before letting them hang around together.

teaching the children to care for the new pet

children shouldn't be allowed at first to carry or play with the new puppy. it is a time when the puppy is still scared or apprehensive of the new place including the new people around him, especially little children who could be rash. the children though could let themselves be sniffed or smelled by the puppy to help the puppy get to know them.

calming down the puppy, helping him to settle down

upon arriving home, let your puppy explore the new surroundings yet don't leave him unattended. you don't want him to escape and wander out on the streets. he may also pee or poop out of nervousness so be prepared for that. he may also want to drink water after traveling. (on the other hand he may not eat at first until he starts to trust his new owner).

your puppy's quarters

after awhile, introduce him to his own place inside your home. his sleeping area should be neat and clean yet warm and comfortable. your puppy would have a hard time sleeping during his first night in his new home. he may even cry because he's lonely and misses his mom and littermates. it would be wise to keep his bed or crate next to yours so he could have company. you can also give him a blanket or cloth from his previous home or a soft plush toy he could cuddle with. try to give him plenty of gentle affection. hold him properly close to your body and stroke him softly until he's calm to sleep.

remember that dogs are territorial; yet they are also very social animals. introducing your new dog to his new family and helping him adjust to his new home is necessary and would really mean a lot, at least until your dog has completely settled in his new environment.

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