bringing home a new puppy

dog tips: bringing home a new puppy
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taking home a new puppy is exciting, yet you have to ready for it. your first concern is to make sure you have every thing you need in your new puppy checklist. the following are the things a new puppy needs:
  • water and food bowls
  • premium dog food, vitamins
  • dog's collar (with identification tag) and leash for safety
  • comfortable crate and dog bed
  • puppy-safe chew bones and toys
  • dog shampoo, dog brush, nail clippers, etc
  • carpet cleaner, disinfectant, and cleaning supplies

next is preparing your home for a new puppy. you can visit fluffy puppies australia for some important tips on puppy proofing your house

finally, after buying the things you'll need and after preparing your home, you next concern is traveling with your new puppy. before traveling, don't feed your puppy for at least two hours before leaving. this will minimize the risk of upsetting his stomach. while traveling, have a stop over every two hours so your puppy can go toileting, eat, or at least drink. make sure that your dog is safe while traveling by keeping him in a crate. make his car travel experience a pleasant and comfortable one.


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